15 of the best midcentury modern sofa beds (2023)

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Need some extra sleeping space. Don’t compromise on style. Check out my 15 of the best midcentury modern sofa beds.

Once upon a time, in fact, not long ago, this listing would have been impossible. Sofa beds were often pretty unappealing things, with functionality being the name of the game rather than form. You might well have had one of those clunky monstrosities in your home. But buyers got pickier and the makers have eventually responded.

In fact, I would say we are rather spoilt these days when it comes to sofa beds. There are so many on the market, with the vast majority hiding the fact that they offer bed space as well as seating.

You could opt for any of these for a regular living room sofa, then surprise your guests at bedtime by flipping the down to create a place for them to rest their heads.

Over time, I might add to the listing and extend it further. But for now, I have narrowed it down to just 15 of my favourites, taking into account different styles and different budgets. Those that made the cut are listed below in no particular order…

1. Chou click clack sofa bed at Made

To emphasise the point above, may I present to you the Chou sofa bed at Made.

Available in four colours (although the vintage gold here is my personal favourite), this is, on the face of it, a good-looking midcentury modern sofa for three with button detailing and tapered legs. But a couple of clicks and this is a bed for that guest who can’t make it home.

£349 to £399 depending on the finish you go for, which seems to be a reasonable price too.

Find out more at the Made website

2. Lars Scandinavian-style sofa bed at Made

I wasn’t keen on featuring multiple designs from the same maker/seller, but labels like Made have so many different designs and many are perfect for the midcentury modern setting. This one is a very different affair from the first sofa bed on the list.

Well, not that different as both are sofa beds with a retro feel I suppose. But this one, as the name hints at, is inspired by Scandinavian design from the mid-20th century. There’s a real authenticity of design about this one too.

Again, a ‘click-clack’ design means you can have this down as a bed in a couple of movements. But the rest of the time just leave it in the living room for your hip design-loving friends to admire. They’ll never know if you tell them it was a vintage find.

The Lars and its oak frame is a pricier option than the first one though, selling for £749 with different options for the fabric covering and the colour of the frame.


Find out more at the Made website

3. Clementine retro sofa bed at Wayfair

Another retailer that has more than a few options when it comes to sofa beds is Wayfair. Again, I’m having to ration myself, but I’ll start with this rather eye-catching Clementine design.

If you love a button detail, you’ll love this. Some nice colours too, especially the royal blue you see here. And those gold, tapered legs are a nice finishing touch too.

Again, a ‘click clack’ and it’s a bed for one. You just have to worry about the £309.99 price tag.

Find out more at the Wayfair website

Note that there is a very similar design for just £209.99 at Amazon too. So please check that out as well.

4. Retro sofa bed at Calvers and Suvdal

A very different design to the others on the page. Which is perhaps why this one appeals so much.

Various colours for this one, which is designed to fit into smaller spaces and should appeal to anyone with a love of minimal design. Although this is still very much a retro design.

It also has an oak frame, a Nozag sprung base and slightly deeper cushioning than earlier models. Again, easy to flip down when a bed is needed. £749 is the price of this one.

Find out more at the Calvers and Suvdal website

5. Ample Scandi sofa bed at Sit and Sleep

Rather like the second entry on the list, this one takes its inspiration from midcentury Scandinavian design. But this is very much its own design and a much pricer proposition.

Designed by Per Weiss, it has a lacquered oak FREJ arm, a backrest divided into two separate pieces which can be raised or lowered independently and with a pocket-spring mattress within for a comfortable seat and a supportive sleeping surface. Plenty of fabric choices to choose from too – I think I counted 18 in total.

But as I said, a much more expensive sofa bed compared to the Made design and pretty much everything else in this listing, coming in at £1,571.

Find out more at the Sit and Sleep website

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6. Gallway midcentury modern sofa bed at Dreams

Of course, they do beds, but you might not have realised that Dreams also does sofa beds. The Gallway is a new one to the retailer.

It’s a very stylish affair too. Available in three shades, this is the green velvet option with line and button detailing for the sloping back, tapered legs and a supportive pocket spring sleeping area. That should double up as a comfy place to sit too. That looks to be the case.

As I said, just in and available now for £799.

Find out more at the Dreams website

7. Hughes 1960s-style sofa bed at Joybird

When it comes to midcentury modern design, Joybird is always worth a look. So it is no surprise to see a good-looking sofa bed in the current range.

This is a 1960s-inspired design, with a ‘Mad Men’ feel of the early part of that decade. Don’t get hung up on the colour as there are 60 options, as well as different stains for the legs.

But do enjoy the design, which looks like a stylish retro sofa by day, but differs in functionality from many others by employing a clever concealed pull-out bed when you need it. See the website to see how that works but in short, the back of the sofa is effectively your headboard.

$2,095 if you want this in your life.

Find out more at the Joybird website

8. Hinge Luxe sofa bed by Heal’s

Classy and classic. The kind of thing that Heal’s does so well. Here shown in blue but also available in a grey velvet too.

As for the design, it’s a minimal affair, featuring deep button cushion detailing, tapered legs and a unique tilting mechanism that allows the back of the sofa to be set at two different seating positions or to be laid completely flat. Note also that the ‘high resilient’ foam casing contributes to a breathable mattress whilst also providing soft top support.

£1,299 isn’t cheap. But this is stunning and perfect for both a contemporary and a midcentury modern interior.

Find out more at the Heal’s website

9. Innovation Living Recast sofa bed

(Video) ☘️Top 43 Best Modern Sofa Bed Ideas | Sofa Bed Design | Sofa Bed Decor✨

Something along similar lines, but this time from John Lewis – and a tad cheaper.

This one is as much a bed as a sofa. Again, we are looking at a minimalist design which is crafted in Denmark with dark elm wood legs. But that’s only half the story.

This is also a stylish midcentury modern, pocket sprung sofa bed, which is designed for ease of use with a simple pull out base and drop down back turning it into what looks like the comfiest bed out of all of these options. Different shades available, but you are looking at £1,049.

Find out more at the John Lewis website

10. Senja velvet fabric sofa bed at Beliani

Don’t get hung up about the yellow colour. There are other shades available for this Senja design.

The design itself is consistent across the range. A solid midcentury modern shape with a diagonal pattern on the back cushions, tapered legs with tipping and of course, a flip back to create the bed.

So many colours to choose from if you like the shape of this sofa bed, selling for around the £470 mark.

Find out more at the Beliani website

11. Celia retro sofa bed at Bensons For Beds

I love the fact that the high street is so prolific with its retro designs these days. I wouldn’t have expected this type of look from this particular retailer.

But here it is, the Celia in yellow (yes, again) and a more subdued grey. A three-seater sofa by day, flipping down to what looks like a rather comfortable bed if you are in need of that extra sleeping space. Some nice tapered wooden legs too.

£599.99 if you see this as being the perfect option for your home.

Find out more at the Bensons For Beds website

12. Orion fabric sofa bed at Oak Furnitureland

Not sure I’m showing enough of these as actual beds. So I’ll do this with the Orion sofa bed.

There’s a reason too. it looks lovely as a bed. The textured fabric and wooden legs combine to create the perfect single sofa bed. Flip it back up and it’s quite plain as a sofa – no button details here. But you might well prefer something like that.

(Video) Oyerol Mid Century Sectional Sofa Bed | Best Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper

It’s in the sale too, selling for just £399.99 right now.

Find out more at the Oak Furnitureland website

13. Rosslyn midcentury modern sofa bed at Made

This is the classic, Florence Knoll-inspired shape you would expect of a midcentury modern sofa. It’s also another one from Made and another that works as both a sofa and bed.

Three shades of velvet to choose from with this design, which has that ‘boxy’ shape, button detailing, rounded legs and a ‘click clack’ mechanism to transform it into a sleeping space. Be a great day bed too.

£399 for this one.

Find out more at the Made website

14. Three-seater Brion linen sofa bed at Sklum

Another that offers plenty of colour options, as well as some eye-catching midcentury modern style.

I like this green shade though. But feel free to disagree with me and find something more in tune with your taste. As for the design, it is another classic shape if MCM is your thing. Button detailing, slipping back, tapered legs, you know the kind of thing.

£342.95 looks like another fair price too.

Find out more at the Sklum website

15. House by John Lewis Clapton fixed back sofa bed

Oh, I do so love this shade of blue, But there are three other colours to choose from.

This is a very interesting design and one that’s hard to explain. So please check out the retailer’s site for all the images. They show it off so much better.

Just let me say it has a foam mattress for comfort, button details and those lovely legs for style and a simple mechanism that converts this to a flat bed in seconds. That’s just the brief highlights.

If you want more, have a look at the retailer’s site, where you can also buy this one for a reasonable £299.

(Video) Edloe Finch SL01 Mid-Century Modern Futon Sofa Bed Sleeper, Grey

Find out more at the John Lewis and Partners website

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