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    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (1)

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    From statement-making tiaras to subtle pearl pins.


    Sophie Moore

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (2)

    Sophie Moore

    Sophie Moore is a former Brides editor and current contributing writer. With over five years of experience in bridal, she is an expert on all things fashion.

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    The best thing about a hair accessory is that it truly ties your bridal look together, especially if you opt for simple jewelry and shoes that won’t be seen from under your dress. Whether you’re a bohemian, modern, or traditional bride, hair accessories are a category not to be overlooked, they’re basically jewelry for your hair—what’s not to love about that?

    For classic brides, a headband, comb, or tiara with pearls is timeless and chic and always pairs nicely with veils of all lengths. For bohemian brides craving something other than a flower crown, look to hairpins, hair vines, or clips with blossoms, branch motifs, or leaves. A hairpiece with rhinestones or feathers is perfect for the glamorous bride while sleek and sculptural pieces in gold or silver suits ultra-modern and minimalist tastes.

    Read on for the best bridal hair accessories for every bridal style and budget.

    Most Princess-Like: Olga Delice Bridal Hair Vine

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (3)

    A floral wreath like this one made of rhinestones, pearl beads, and metal enamel flowers will accentuate your bridal hairstyle and will give you all the sparkly benefits of a tiara.

    Most Goddess-Like: Marisha Pavlishina Opal and Gold Hair Comb

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (5)

    Opals are an unexpected touch to a bridal hair comb, they're vintage-inspired without feeling outdated and will look timeless for years to come.

    Best Crystals: Dareth Colburn Designs Silver Crystal Hair Pins

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (7)

    Spotlight your wedding day hairstyle with these tiny crystal hair pins that will catch the light from every angle and look amazing in all of your photos.

    Most Versatile: Savchenko Design Pearl Vine Hairpiece

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (9)

    If you're looking for a hair piece that won't detract from your wedding day beauty look, opt for a hair piece that nestles nicely at the back of your head.

    Most Sophisticated: Wedding Boutique UA Pearl Hair Pins

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (11)

    You can never go wrong with a single, large pearl hair pin. It's subtle, sophisticated and just plain chic.

    Best Hair Vine: Glamour Bride USA Hair Vine

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (13)

    We love the idea of weaving a hair vine into a loose braid for an effortlessly chic and laidback look. This crystal and wire vine is available in different colors and varying lengths to suit every type of bridal style and hair type.

    Best Comb: Serenity Flower Hair Comb

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (15)

    Be at one with nature with this greenery comb made from faux leaves, and faux pink and white flowers. This comb is relatively large so make sure that you have enough volume in your hair to support it and balance out the size.

    Most Vintage-Inspired: Rebeka Jewelry Bridal Hair Comb

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (17)

    Brides who love all things vintage will be drawn to this art deco-inspired beauty. The gold feather side combs can be worn on top of your head or behind.

    For a Fall Wedding: Serenity Blush and Burgundy Floral Hair Comb

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (19)

    If you're looking to incorporate greenery into your wedding day look consider this beautiful comb made with blush and burgundy flowers, dusty greenery, gold berries and even a pinecone!

    Most Whimsical: ABitofLove Wedding Crystal Bridal Hair Piece

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (21)

    Sometimes the most simple details can make the biggest impact. This delicate crystal hair piece intertwines subtly with your hair and can be worn behind or in front of your head.

    Most Trendy: Ettika Love Set of 2 Hair Pins

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (23)

    Your big day is all about love so profess it from your head to your toes with these fun pins that say it all.

    Best Wreath: Faber Accessories Gold Flower Wreath Tiara

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (25)

    This wreath tiara is for the boho princess looking to make a bold statement. The gold leaves offer a regal but feminine look.

    Best Faux Floral Pins: Lutik Flower Floral Hair Pins

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (27)

    If you love the idea of a floral hair accessory but don't want to use fresh flowers, consider these pins made of faux leaves and blossoms that look shockingly real. Available in a set of 5 or 10, tuck these gorgeous pins into a sweet braid or scatter them throughout your hair.

    For a Summer Wedding: Anthropologie Textured Bow Hair Clip

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (29)

    If you're not particularly into sparkle and you're having a summer wedding, consider a crisp white eyelet bow. Wear with beachy waves or above a messy bun.

    Most Understated: Lelet NY Crystal Headband

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (31)

    Just a hint of sparkle can go a long way. This single strand hairband finished with tassels of Swarovski crystals and pearls strikes the perfect balance between minimalist and glamorous.

    For the Romantic Bride: Untamed Petals Tulle and Pearl Bow Barrette

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (33)

    This ethereal tulle bow is as sweet as ever for brides who love feminine details like wispy tulle and swiss dot fabrics. Wear yours with everything from a simple slip dress to a sleek jumpsuit.

    Best Pearls: Lele Sadoughi Woven Pearl Headband

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (35)

    This pearl-embellished headband feels like a modern-day crown for a city-chic bride. We're picturing it paired with a sleek white jumpsuit or a vintage-inspired mini dress for courthouse nuptials.

    Best Headband: David's Bridal 3D Flower Ribbon-Tie Headband with Pearls

    18 Eye-Catching Bridal Hair Accessories (37)

    When choosing the perfect hair accessory, don't forget to consider how important texture is. This crown boasts 3D flowers made from fabric, crystals, enamels, and pearls. Plus, textured hair accessories will always stand out in photos.

    What to Look for In Bridal Hair Accessories

    Bridal hair accessories make for the perfect finishing touch to any wedding day ensemble. No matter your style, be it classic or fashion-forward, there's a hair accessory out there that has the power to pull your entire bridal look together.

    Looking for a versatile headpiece? Go for a pearl vine that can easily frame an updo or be woven into a braid. Love the idea of floral hair accessories but don't want to use fresh flowers? Opt for hairpins finished with faux leaves and blossoms that look just like the real thing. And if you're coveting a more regal and glamorous look, consider a crystal-embellished headband that sparkles and shines like a tiara.


    • When it comes to bridal hair accessories, there are many different styles to choose from. Some popular styles include hairpins, floral crowns, hair vines, embellished slides, pearl-studded barrettes, headbands, and tiaras.

    • While all brides should wear whatever makes them feel the most beautiful and confident, hair accessories that complement your wedding day outfit and personal style are always a stylish and fitting choice.

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